The story behind Platina – Part 2

The Platina range is designed as a skin therapy system. This means that the range is designed to work as a regime which is set based on skin tone and sensitivity. Each product is configured to be used during the day and night as a system, and not as stand-alone products. Using Platina’s products as a system maximises the clinical benefit. Online tools help the user select the most appropriate regime and guides the incrementation of dosage over the initial weeks of use to acclimatise the skin to the incredible actives we have included.

We believe we are a unique team that has developed products from the perspective of what we believe is missing in the market. This doesn’t necessarily create a new class, but we believe it creates a better approach. We are a company of physicians, scientists, chemists, formulators and businesspeople which is a unique ‘all-in-one’ entity. We are close to the client/patient, and we are close to the science and innovation. We join both with amazing clinical results!

We will run training webinars with Dr Quibell providing the excitement! Dr Quibell trains healthcare practitioners across the US and in Europe. These webinars will be supported by regular podcasts and attendance at international events.

Our online tools – web and app – provide written and video instructions for use to help users of the products and clinic staff. We have an online skin tone selector which guides the user to the most appropriate regime and helps them build to optimal use of the products.

The Platina App will provide user guidance in the same way as the web site does. It will have the skin tone selector tools and the instructional videos to allow users to engage with the regime in their bathrooms or bedrooms rather than being dependent on a web browser. They will also, if requested, receive push notifications to inform of new podcasts, videos and social media blogs.

Organic growth through carefully selected clinic partners – Platina Partners – where a degree of local exclusivity allows the partner to maximise its sales and benefit from training and promotional support, webinars and podcasts, social media, etc.

We will rely heavily on Partner and user support and reviews. We want to talk honestly about our products and make claims we can clinically evidence. We also want to highlight to users that Platina is part of a lifestyle. Eating healthily, hydration, and exercise are vitally important, and together with Platina can keep them youthful and fit.

We source natural ingredients from sustainable sources, and we make sure that the supply chain is fully regulated.

Sustainability is important to us. We don’t like animal testing of any kind and we don’t like damaging our amazing planet. We use glass jars rather than plastic for ease of recycling. Furthermore, the jars are designed to be refillable, which we will introduce once the brand is a little more established.

We want to cut down on transport and so we expect partners to buy a minimum number of products. This, whilst modest, helps when they have an opportunity to sell but it does mean we are not using environmentally unfriendly logistics for single unit shipments.