Reviving your skin: post-summer recovery and autumn glow 

And just like that, summer has bid us farewell! As one season gives way to the next, a fresh wave of skincare trends and expert advice comes crashing in. In this article, the Platina team’s very own resident expert Dr. Quibell dives into the realm of post-summer skin rehab, offering valuable insights on repairing the effects of summer sun skin damage. 

Post-summer skin rehab 

We’ve all been there – those glorious sunny days when we basked in the warmth without sparing a thought for sunscreen. The consequence? Our skin bared itself to the intense summer sun, leaving behind traces of damage. As autumn approaches, many of us are now eager to undo the effects of those relentless UV rays that have taken their toll over the past few months. 

Dermatologists and Aesthetic Clinics are currently witnessing a surge in bookings with clients seeking professional treatments to rejuvenate their sun-beaten skin during the upcoming Autumn/Winter months. 

The face and neck are particularly susceptible to damage, often resulting in increased pigmentation, freckles, and sunspots. These concerns can be a source of cosmetic distress, leading to an uneven skin tone. Consequently, Clinics are witnessing a rise in clients opting for chemical peels and laser therapies, which effectively combat pigmentation, reduce the appearance of sun damage, and aid in skin rejuvenation. 

One of the most common requests is the removal of sunspots that emerged with that summer tan. Popular options include IPL (intense pulsed light) for lighter skin tones or the revolutionary PicoSecond Laser, suitable for all skin types. For those mindful of cost, a series of peels administered in a clinic can provide a budget-friendly alternative. For Platina users, the Platinaskin app offers a promising solution to lighten brown spots with regular use over 2-3 months. 

Dermatologist on speed dial 

In the US, many people have their dermatologist on speed dial for ongoing skincare support. However, in the UK, we often only seek their expertise when faced with a serious skin concern. It’s high time we break this habit! 

With an abundance of information available on skincare, ingredients, and treatments, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and unsure of whom to trust with our unique skin needs. People are increasingly realizing the value of consulting a cosmetic dermatologist who can provide personalized advice, taking into account individual lifestyles and medical histories. This approach is far more cost-effective and time-efficient than the traditional “buy it and try it” or relying on anecdotal recommendations from friends. 

Platina is designed to be your personal “Clinic in a Box,” suitable for all skin tones and ancestral backgrounds. While the product dose is tailored to your specific skin condition, patience and commitment are key. With consistent use over 2-3 months, you will witness a transformation in your skin. 

Fortify your skin’s barrier 

Over the past year, the skin barrier has emerged as a prominent topic in the beauty industry, and its importance continues into autumn. If you’ve indulged in excessive sunbathing, exfoliating acids, or retinol treatments, your skin’s barrier and biome may need restoration, rebalancing, and reinforcement. 

Bid farewell to cleansing regimens that strip the skin and opt for gentler cleansers with a balanced pH. Say goodbye to cleansers containing sulphates and exfoliating beads. Instead, seek out serums and creams enriched with Ceramides, plant-based fatty acids, and cholesterol, as these are proven to fortify the skin barrier. Additionally, include firming peptides in your skincare routine to provide the building blocks for healthy skin structure, such as collagen and elastin. 

Even though the sun is taking a temporary hiatus, don’t forget your sunblock! Ultraviolet A rays remain potent throughout the year, even on cloudy days; so, continue using antioxidant day creams year-round, concluding with your preferred sunblock. Your skin will undoubtedly thank you for this thoughtful care. 

By incorporating these practices into your autumn skincare routine, you’ll be well on your way to restoring and rejuvenating your skin after the summer’s adventures.