Platina’s products are specially formulated based on decades of experience in professional cosmetic therapies. The journey through the skin is aided by a unique Platinum-Peptide Technology which protects the natural active peptides from enzymes in the skin and allows them to be more effective once delivered to the target cells.

This technology allows far greater bioavailability and releases the peptides over a longer period of time. Clinically, this greatly enhances the work of the active ingredients and produces far better clinical outcomes than other high value products. All Platina Products are manufactured in France.

Our range includes

Platina Day

Platina Day Cream contains our Platinum-Peptide Technology that improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, noticeable after just 4 weeks of regular use. Our special blend of prebiotics optimizes the skin’s microbiome function and rejuvenates cells. A combination of nutrients and barrier-building antioxidants offer additional protection against damaging free radicals in the environment.


Platina Night

Platina Night Cream utilizes a proprietary method to encapsulate retinol which allows for higher bioavailability and stability while minimizing the potential for irritation. Retinols enhance skin cell turnover allowing the skin to feel smooth by increasing the natural exfoliation cycle. In addition, retinols derived from Vitamin A help even skin tone and nourish the skin.


Platina Rejuvenating Serum

This innovative, smoothing serum contains two gentle forms of poly hydroxy acids or PHA’s that naturally exfoliate skin cells and allow for optimal delivery of the Platina products. PHA’s are more gentle than traditional alpha hydroxy acids or AHA’s, and allow for safe use on sensitive skin and skin of color. PHA’s have the power of an AHA without the irritating side effects. It also contains Platina’s signature Platinum-Peptide Technology. This unique serum balances the skin’s pH level, protects against environmental aggressions while optimizing the skin barrier.


Platina Cleanser

This gentle cleanser contains preciously sourced alpha hydroxy acids from fruit extracts which gently exfoliate dead skin cells through an innovative process while maintaining the skin’s natural microbiome. It incorporates Apple Stem cells which aid in skin brightening by enhancing exfoliation without irritation.


Platina Replenishing Cream

Our gentle and rich Platina Replenishing Cream contains natural lipids necessary to soften and heal injured or damaged skin. Whether you are healing after a procedure or have dry skin from photoaging, this soothing cream hydrates and replenishes the skin so it will feel silky but not greasy. This luxurious unscented product contains natural stem cells from oranges that aid in restoring the dermal architecture and slows the aging process.