Why Platina

Platina™ skin care products from Skin Logistics have been designed by two renowned cosmetic specialists: Professor Peter Bjerring, one of Europe’s most eminent dermatologists, and Dr. Dianne Quibell, a leading cosmetic doctor based in metro Boston, USA.

Their deep knowledge of skin rejuvenation coupled with a unique, platinum rich matrix technology, has created a clinically proven range of professional products that deliver unparalleled results.

Peter Bjerring

Professor Peter Bjerring’s Story

I grew up in Aarhus in Denmark. As a small child I was very interested in chemistry, and I was quite mischievous! I liked to create explosions and even made a volcano out of an unsuspecting phone box at the end of the street. Boy did I get a dressing down for that!

As I got older, I became interested in topical formulas and how they could influence changes in the skin structure. My first real job was developing raw materials for start-up cosmetic companies. An accidental passion for lasers started as a young dermatologist, especially for skin rejuvenation, and I have now spent many years practicing the art of combination therapies – topical skin care and light in partnership.

Dr. Dianne Quibell

Dr. Dianne Quibell’s Story

People who know me might be surprised to learn that I was an extremely introverted young woman, which was the unfortunate result of having to wear glasses with lenses so thick that they could have been used on the Hubble Space Telescope. The inevitable bullying that ensued from the children at school and in the New York neighborhood where I grew up meant that I truly hated how I looked in photographs and I spent much of my early childhood in hiding, especially from the camera! In grade school, I begged my parents for contact lenses, and what they finally agreed, I recall with absolute clarity the sense of freedom I felt. It was a complete release from the suffering I had endured. I felt pretty and self-confident for the first time!

When you are comfortable with your appearance, you feel confident. When you are confident, you feel worthwhile, powerful, and important. That is why I do what I do.

I have dedicated the last 30 years to helping people feel well, as an internal medicine physician. For the past 21+ of those years, I especially have enjoyed helping my patients look their best so they can approach the world with confidence and hope. I love to see my patients both looking and feeling great. Being a cosmetic physician is my favorite job!


Dr. Quibell attends many conferences around the globe to remain on the cutting edge of cosmetic medicine and science. In 2004, she attended the Antiaging Medical World Congress in Monaco. She heard a lecture from Professor Peter Bjerring, a respected expert and professor of Dermatology from Denmark. Immediately she felt like they were on similar journeys, both emotionally and ethically, driven by the overriding desire to do good. They had a similar mission to bring real science to the beauty industry! The goal is the help people get their skin looking its best! Smooth, bright, firm and luminous!

You only get one set of skin in this life, so they wanted to help people care for it with proven scientific solutions!

Serendipity brought them together with a group of people – friends – that have the same ambitions, and a platinum-based matrix technology. So, they have created Platina, a range of professional cleansers, scrubs, topical creams and serums that deliver active ingredients effectively and quickly to proper skin targets that stimulate the best rejuvenating responses. Platina uses nature and clever micro technology to stimulate natural rejuvenating processes like no other product.