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Having used skincare for many, many years, I totally underestimated the power of Platina. I forged ahead, without using any instructions or the skin tone selector, and immediately saw the results of not following the instructions. Only peeling and flaky skin that the RESET with Platina Replenishing cream sorted, but I am vain and it was a shock. PLEASE trust the system and follow the instructions that the Platina Team and Dr. Quibell’s videos give you. Three months in and I am now loving the ease of the regimen that is chosen for my skin and seeing amazing, undeniable results.



I purchased the Platina Night Cream a few months ago and I cannot say enough great things about this product. I'm now using it 3x/week and I've noticed a significant reduction in my melasma as well as just an overall improved "fresher" appearance. I love the smell and texture - and will definitely buy more when I run out of this first bottle. (One bottle lasts several months, which is great!)



At nearly 80 I had all but given up hope of my skin ever being 'my friend' again. How wrong was I! When my daughter gave me the system as a gift I felt guilty that she had gone to the expense of something I thought would never work. 4 months in I can honestly say, as will my friends, that the results have been phenomenal. Stretched open pores have almost disappeared, my wrinkles are reduced and my skin texture is a pleasure to touch once again. Should you invest in this wonderful system? Most definitely in my humble opinion.



Having lived in the Middle East my entire life and born of a generation that did not use sun cream, my skin was exceptionally damaged and dry. After using the Platina skin system my skin felt improved within a week but after 6 months the results are incredible. My skin is so much softer and smoother and sun spots are fading into the past. Thank you, Thank you Platina team for putting this unique and incredible system together. I have spent £1000's on top other brands of skincare in my life but never have I seen results like this. Medical grade really does make all the difference!



I have been on Platina for about 9 months now and I can honestly say my skin has never looked and felt so good! I get compliments wherever I go about my skin!! I’m never going to stop using this system! Love it!



I have used many well-known cosmeceutical brands over the years but have really struggled to find a range that ticks all the boxes, but Platina does exactly that! The products look, feel, and smell luxurious, and they have the added advantage of being backed by science, so I trust that I am really taking care of my skin.My skin is quite sensitive while also oily and acne-prone, so I'm always careful about what products I use. Luckily, the My Platina app gathers all these important details to determine the best skin care regimen for each individual, and it also provides gentle reminders when it's time to step things up a notch! The app is a game-changer in this space as product ranges can be so confusing, but this makes using the Platina range incredibly straightforward.Within a few days of using the products I noticed my skin felt smoother and more hydrated. A couple of weeks into my regimen I introduced Platina Night which provided a very light peeling two days later. This was completely manageable and is exactly what I was looking for in a retinol as it's not obvious to anyone but me!It's hard to decide which is my favourite product so far, but I must say I'm pleasantly surprised by the Platina Replenishing Serum as I imagined it might be too rich for my skin, but instead it leaves my skin feeling super-plump and nourished.Friends and family have commented on how my skin looks so radiant. I feel much more confident going without make-up and it's only been one month so far! I really can't wait to see how much better my skin is going to look with prolonged use of the Platina range.



My skin has never looked better! I love the products and the system is so easy to use. Thanks SO MUCH Dr Quibell for explaining how to use the products and why we use each product!!



At the age of 59 I have finally found my holy grail range of skin care products. I have been using Platina for a year now and feel so fortunate to have discovered it. In my early fifties I started experiencing rosacea as well as other skin issues associated with the menopause. My usual drug store skin products just didn't hack it and I decided to try the well known premium brands but they were also disappointing and failed to deliver. And then I tried Platina. This is the only thing I have ever used that has made such a positive, distinct difference to my skin. After use my skin is smoother, brighter and more radiant and my previously large pores are noticeably smaller. I do not feel the need now to wear foundation every day (before Platina I would never leave the house without make up) but when I do, my foundation glides on leaving such an immaculate finish to my complexion. The products seem to last forever as a little goes a long way. The bottles are stunning and look so nice in my bathroom. I do not normally write reviews but I am so impressed with Platina that I wanted to express my delight in an amazing product.



After many years of searching for a complete skincare regimen that works, along comes Platina. I started using Platina in January 22 and I’m delighted with the visible results. My skin looks amazing, it’s smooth and supple but doesn’t look greasy as it did with other products. My skin tone is even and friends and family have commented on how radiant my skin looks. The simple 4 step process is easy to follow and the results speak for themselves. Smooth, radiant, hydrated skin with no irritation, fantastic. I look forward to new products and highly recommend Platina.



I absolutely LOVE the Platina skin care system. For years I would try so many different products, struggling with dryness and uneven skin tone. I have been using this line for five months and I do not have to reapply moisturizer during the day anymore! I also get compliments all the time on my skin! I also love that it’s only 4 bottles and they all smell great! I love that Dr.Quibell helped create this amazing line with her knowledge and expertise in skincare. These bottles last too, so your not buying more every month! Totally recommend!



I started using the PLATINA line in March 2022 and my complexion has continued to improve! It is so noticeable that people comment on my skin. I'm able to just use the products and no makeup most days (foundation etc). I love how easy the line is to use/apply, yet it is SO effective. I have had issues with adult hormonal acne, uneven skintone due likely to sun and birth control and combination skin. I have seen many estheticians over the years, tried so many product lines that weren't effective for me because they either irritated my skin or I had a reaction to them. The Platina line doesn't feel like a medical grade product, I have NO irritation using the night cream. The line is so easy to use, it does not require a lot steps and it doesn't irritate my eyes or skin at all. I'm SO happy with my results! Looking forward to trying new products from the line! I do see Dr Quibell for a laser facial once a year so I really feel the combination of her guidance + the PLATINA line is a complete win for me!



I have always been a lover and connoisseur of high end medical grade skin care. However, I always found the downfall of it was that there were so many products to be used taking up unnecessary space in the bathroom as well as making it difficult to travel with. Then in came PLATINA. Not only has it been a game changer for my skin it’s also has aesthetically pleasing packaging and is eco-friendly; with the daytime and night time moisturizer being refillable. I am also extremely impressed with Dr. Quibell’s knowledge and the science behind the PLATINA line. If you have been looking for a medical grade skin care line this is it. I made the switch about six months ago and haven’t looked back.



I want to leave a review about my experience with the Platina skin care regime. I have been using it for a few months now and my skin which is normally dry has become so comfortably nourished I say that because I don’t get that feeling that my skin is lacking hydration. I can’t wait till they come out with a travel size kit. If you want your skin to feel and look beautiful then make the commitment to invest in it.



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